Reward Offer Criteria

Reward Offer
RxPATROL® Crime Stoppers Reward Offer Program Criteria

  • Incident must occur on the premises of a DEA-registered pharmacy
  • Incident must be reported to the law enforcement agency of jurisdiction
  • Incident must be entered into the RxPATROL® database
  • Reward offer must be a mutual agreement between RxPATROL® law enforcement and Crime Stoppers.
  • RxPATROL® reserves the right to determine if an incident is eligible for a reward offer.
  • Reward offer will expire one year after the date press release was issued
  • All press releases relating to RxPATROL® reward offers must be coordinated with RxPATROL®
  • Reward payout is at the discretion of the investigating agency and Crime Stoppers
  • Crime Stoppers and the investigating agency agree to provide RxPATROL® information relating to any arrests or reward payouts and will coordinate any press releases
  • Only tips received through Crime Stoppers are eligible for reward offers